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What You Should Know To Improve Search Ranking In Yahoo

Ranking in Yahoo was a top priority for online businesses than as it was the No 1 search engine preferred by people worldwide. Today though, Yahoo has dropped to being the No. 2 search engine and is fast being overtaken by Baidu.

In the Asian region, however, it’s still crucial and useful to improve search ranking in Yahoo. This is because a huge number of online visitors use and prefer Yahoo over Google. In Singapore, for instance, more than 20 percent of one’s free to search traffic can come from Yahoo. Therefore it is still worth to spend the time to rank high in Yahoo.

There are many ways through which you can speed up your Yahoo ranking. Read some basic tips below to learn how to improve search ranking in Yahoo effectively and fast.

  1. Creating backlinks is the key. Yahoo loves backlinks and is not much particular when it comes to their quality. Quantity matters more than quality in Yahoo. On the other hand, Google is very particular about the quality of backlinks. Sites that have thousands of backlinks can outrank those with less in Yahoo, but Google is a different story.

In order to get long-term results in search engine ranking, whether in Yahoo or Google, you need to go for quality backlinks. You can do this by using content articles, which is a sure way to improve search ranking in Yahoo.

  1. Use XML. Remember Yahoo is slow and lazy so you need to think of ways to make its life easier. Both Yahoo and Google love XML sitemaps but Google does not reply to them.

Yahoo uses XML sitemaps to know what new pages have been updated or added to the site. Google uses XML sitemaps too though not as frequent as Yahoo does. It is essential to add an XML sitemap to your website along with a robots.txt file to tell search engine spiders where your XML sitemap is located and is basic SEO.

Having a Yahoo Sitemaster account is also a strategy you can consider to improve search ranking in Yahoo. You have to let Yahoo know your sitemap location to help it accelerate the ranking process.

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