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Keep your cold beer without having to resort to a refrigerator

Keep your cold beer without having to resort to a refrigerator. Today you have stubby holders that keep cold beer without having a refrigerator or refrigerator.

If you are one of those who enjoy their beer every day, especially in summer, sitting on the terrace of your garden, you will know that one of the most uncomfortable things is having to constantly replace the cans inside the fridge, since there is often only space for a few.

How to keep your beer cold without needing a fridge near

A company has found the solution and has designed a storage system for beer cans that keeps them fresh without needing to have a refrigerator nearby. The ecool system works in a very simple way, taking advantage of the fact that the earth maintains a constant temperature during most of the year.

Stubby holder is a system that conserves your cold beer without having to resort to a refrigerator. The system, besides being comfortable, is cheap and ecological since it does not consume electricity, and it is also easy to assemble, since it is only necessary to have a shovel and dig a hole in the ground about one meter deep.

And how much does this ingenious device cost to keep your beers fresh? The market price is around 250 dollars and in a short time it has become very popular in his country, where more than 600 units have been sold.

How does it work?

The stubby holder is made up of two parts, a lower one that is introduced into the earth and where the beers are stored and another superior that dispenses the cans. By being in contact with the terrain, we managed to keep the beers fresh. It has a capacity of 24 cans that are stored in the buried part of the device.

However, not everything is perfect, because although it is true that the temperature of the terrain remain fairly homogeneous for almost the entire year, it is not the same in all parts of the planet and not cool enough just one meter deep. Thus, although this invention may be very useful in certain regions, it is probably not as useful in more temperate or warmer areas.

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