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6 Rules to win your EX-Boyfriend Back

What if I told you that you can get your ex-boyfriend back? You would simply jump at this idea’s face it that even though there are plenty of things you want to tell the man you love but it is quite important to understand why this relationship broke in the first place. Once you have figured that out, I am sure that you will handle this situation more maturely. There are some rules that you need to follow to converse with your ex-boyfriend. Just be a little cautious, choose the right words before texting him back. We have come up with the rules that one should follow when they want to get their ex-boyfriend back.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

You might definitely heard the age old adage which says, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This holds true in most of the cases. Don’t make a desperate attempt to make him feel how badly you want them. Subtle gestures are enough, be that old friend who is reflecting upon the fond memories that the two of you have spent together.

Remember him on occasions you celebrated together

If his birthday is about to come, casually drop him a message like an old friend. It shouldn’t look like a desperate attempt to strike a conversation with him. Orelse, you can order flower and cake online to make him feel that you still remembered his birthday.

Sometime a small word like “SORRY” can work wonders

If you are the one who dumped him then a serious apology is something that is required which should be complemented with a ‘SORRY’. Rather than playing the blame game, it is important that you keep your ego aside and take the responsibility for what happened to your relationship.

Wear happiness all over you face

Stop brooding, men find those women more fascinating who tend to move on with life and do something better for themselves. Don’t talk about those bitter instances that have always bothered you, instead talk about the awesomeness in your life. You should wear happiness all over you face and make him feel jealous.

Give him a taste of how things used to be

Congratulate him for a new job or accomplishment that he has achieved in recent times. After all you were her biggest cheerleader and supporter. It will make him feel that you are still the same and he might even want you back.

Passionate women are always more attractive

That is exactly why they had fallen for you in the first place. Make him feel that how excited you are about the future and accomplishing all you dreams and desires.

These rules will surely make you win your ex-boyfriend back. However, you feel that there are some rules that we have missed, let us know.

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