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Introduce a sexy night dress in your wardrobe

You have been a tom boy through your life and love the feeling of falling off to sleep in shorts and tee shirts. But things have changed off late. You have started wondering what a sexy night dress for ladies would feel like on you. Whether a night dress for honeymoon should be different to that which you already wear? Well, the answer totally depend upon your personality.

To introduce a sexy night dress after years of sleeping in old and baggy day clothes can be a challenging thing. It can get awkward since you wouldn’t straight away be comfortable in the new and improved skin. Your partner will obviously like seeing more of your skin but if you are not comfortable then that will show. So how can you carry off a sexy night dress for ladies and make it look seamless?

Take it on a day to day basis. Get a few sexy night dresses from lingerie stores online, each a little more provocative that the first and wear them in that order. When you have completed the drill then you can choose how much of the sex quotient you want to show when you sleep and wear the relevant dress accordingly. Still confused, here is a guide for you:


These are the safest to begin your journey in the sexy night dress world. They provide ample of coverage and when shopping from lingerie stores online, you can pick from a wide variety of looks, textures and colours.

Baby doll dresses

The logical next step is to shorten the gown to a baby doll dress. You will have more options to show off your arms, cleavage and legs wearing these amazing dresses.

Camisole and shorts

When you feel comfortable in baby doll dresses, go to bed in a camisole and shorts. More skin on display yet without taking away any of the comfort from you.

Bra and panty match

This can be used in the day time as well but one odd day you can choose a pair without any underwire which you can sleep in. Tie a robe around yourself and untie it just when entering the sleep area. To be honest, your man may not let you sleep much that night anyway.


These are meant for having optimum fun with your partner in bed. Get something that is embellished and accessorize to make this look work. Halter bras go great with thongs. Bet you will not regret the effort!

Women tend to feel that a sexy night dress is an occasional thing to keep reigniting the flame of love. But imagine being on a sexual high all the time so that the flame doesn’t go off to begin with? With the introduction of lingerie in your sleepwear you are not only assuring your man of you wanting to please him as much as he cares for you but also instill a lot of positivity and confidence in yourself. When you sleep in a sexy outfit, you wake up feeling great! It motivates you to face everyday life in a better manner. Try it out today!

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