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How To Enjoy Love Life After Child Birth

A majority of couples think that they would not be able to enjoy their love life after the childbirth. Although you are bound to spend many a sleepless night due to high decibel shrieking by the baby at the middle of the night and that you will be tired after changing those diapers frequently, there is nothing in writing that you would not be able enjoy a passionate night with your partner. Most women assume that their husbands will not be interested in them after childbirth however that is not true. In fact the truth is just the opposite. Husbands would love to make love with their wives after they become the mother of their child. The long abstinence from sex will drive them crazy and they will be raring to go like a stallion. So, if women are ready, physically and emotionally to have a sexual intercourse, there is nothing stopping her from copulating with her man. It is understandable that there is a huge taboo around it but it is neither rational nor acceptable. As women, they have the right to crave for emotional care, physical attention and sexual pleasure. However there are certain necessary steps that are to be taken by the couple before involving themselves in an act of coition.

Necessary Steps To Be Taken Before Sex

Firstly, foreplay should be made delicately without involving too much of force as the body of the woman will be tender after childbirth. Moreover, one should not indulge too much around the breasts as the breasts will become very sensitive, which could bother the woman while breastfeeding the baby. After childbirth the vaginal walls of the woman might be very weak and it should not be penetrated roughly. The vagina will not be easily lubricated and hence a multipurpose gel like V Tight Gel can be applied beforehand as they act as a lubricant and also tighten the walls of the vagina which will increase the pleasure of the sex. Men should detest from making rapid to and fro movements as it might injure the woman.

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